Friday, December 19, 2014

Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

"A cell phone video posted to YouTube this week shows a St. Paul police officer roughing up a black man who was apparently doing nothing more than sitting in the skyway, waiting to pick up his kids.

At 9:43 a.m. on January 31, police were summoned to the skyway in downtown St. Paul's First National Bank Building on a report of a man loitering. The video footage shows an officer asking the then-27-year-old man to provide his name.

"Why do I have to let you know who I am? Who I am isn't the problem," the man calmly replies.”

* The Young Turks hosts John Iadarola (TYT University) and Michael Shure break it down.


St. Paul police roughly arrest black man sitting in skyway [VIDEO]

This is what happens when you call the cops


Call the Cops - Rob Hustle ft. Bump

Crazy Pastor Attacks Women in Sermon

Paul Chappell, founder and president of West Coast Baptist College and pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, went after women for their lack of purity, modesty, and lust for premarital sex.

AronRa vs Bob Dutko - Defending the Truth

AronRa talks with a Christian nut job on Defending the Truth.


Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber

Brian Cox visits NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio to see what happens when a bowling ball and a feather are dropped together under the conditions of outer space.

Programme website:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

How Many KKK Chapters Are In America?

These chapters aren't just remnants of America's more racist past; this year alone, one of the organization's chapters tripled in size. And the KKK isn't the only hate group that has been on the rise in the past few decades...

O'Reilly: 'Baby Jesus' More Believable Than Science

Clip from the Wednesday, December 17th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday - friday 4-6pm Eastern.

Atheist Billboards Are SO OFFENSIVE!

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